Talya G.Solan & Kol Kedem ensemble
Orient breeze
Talya G. A. Solan : voice
Omri Hason : percussions and hang
Antonello Messina : accordion

sunday 26 may 2013

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Théâtre de la Cité-Bleue

46 av. de Miremont
1206 Genève

Kol Kedem ensemble
A concert which takes you on a voyage to the Orient, with a peppering of Mediterranean sounds !
Three outstanding musicians banded together to present a vast panorama of the Jewish musical heritage, extending from traditional sephardic songs to original compositions of contemporary Israeli music.
Singer Talya Solan's interpretations reflect influences of folklore, gypsy vocal music, liturgical chants set to biblical texts, and the musical traditions of Yemen and Bulgaria.
Omri Hason is a recognized master of percussion instruments such as the darbuka (or zarb) and the hang. Trained in the multicultural environment of Israel, Omri now lives and teaches in Switzerland and takes part in various groups playing "world music" and jazz.
Pianist and accordionist Antonello Messina is a most original embodiment of the new international jazz scene, and as composer, has written music for numerous musicals, theater plays, and films.
Together, these talented musicians have created the "Kol Kedem Trio" - meaning, the Voice of Origins, the Voice of the Orient - so as to reflect the whole gamut of ancient artistic sources of Judaïc musical artistry, as exemplified by the texts, the melodies and the rhythms of sephardic chants, oriental music and the contemporary musical creations of Israel - including their own original compositions.
A concert to be remembered - and not to be missed !.

Organising this concert was possible due to the help of AMJ's members.

Reservations :
Sylviane Hayem : +4176/226.96.92
Information and contact :
Dann-Olivier Alfandary 20 rue Barthélémy-Menn, CH-1205 GENÈVE +4122/320.86.28
Judith Markish 6 rue Guye, CH-1203 GENÈVE +4122/344.89.52